I) Shenzhen 深圳市 to ChongQing 重庆市

A not so monumental border crossing at Shenzhen and and 4 hour flight delay. 

Sheet rain battering the runway, definitely not going anywhere. You’ve never seen a waiting room turned on its head quite as quickly as when presented with four boxes of free pot noodles and a tin of jelly. Shout out to Chongqing Airlines for the free food.  

Patience is virtue, in China it’s a necessity. 

A selfie request and some points and stares later, we boarded a flight to the middle of Mainland China (nowhere). 

A soggy touch down at 4am in a pitch black city 2 turbulent hours later…

Nǐ hǎo ChongQing !

If you ever find yourself in ChongQing in need of a lovely Chinese man with solid English and an excellent bed: the Only backpacker hostel and cafe is a basement of dreams in downtown.   

 Not a bad coffee either. 

Next stop: Chengdu 成都


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